Hustle & Sparkle

Hustle & Sparkle


Hustle & Sparkle Aromatherapy Face and Body Mist 2oz

Hustle & Sparkle is a soothing aromatherapy mist of high vibration, plant based ingredients for your face and body that restores inner balance, harmonizes your energy and gives you a subtle shimmer, inspiring you to glow with the flow.

Essences of lavender, rose and ylang ylang intertwine and smell divine with a hint of vanilla to hit your sweet spot. A dash of mica minerals highlights and illuminates your complexion.

The miracle diamond triangle symbolizes Hustle & Sparkle. Polish up your miracle diamond of mindfulness with effortless effort for your spirit to shine.

Handcrafted with spring water, lavendula augustifolia (lavender)*, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) oil*, rosa damascena (rose otto), vanilla planifolia (vanilla), cananga odorata (ylang ylang) + mica | 50ml *Certified Organic

Essential oils are therapeutic grade.

Always cruelty free.

Essential Oil Healing Benefits~

  • Lavender: Reduce anxiety and emotional stress. Achieve optimal focus, improve sleep.

  • Ylany Ylang: Instant mood booster, Happy-calm, romance builder.

  • Rose: Raise your vibration, skin toner, pH balancing.

  • Vanilla: Uplifts spirit, improves respiration, promotes self-confidence.

Based on the work of my life coach Michiko Rolek, the aromatherapy face and body mist, Hustle & Sparkle, is an on the go reminder to love myself and believe in myself when I have forgotten. Misting my face and body raises my vibration, creates balance and inspires me to activate this zen wisdom gem by Thich Nhat Hanh "smile, breathe and go slowly."

This is one example of how Hustle & Sparkle inspires me in my daily life. When I have a lot on my "to do" list it is easy for me to forget my "to be" bliss list. I get anxious and lose my connection to the present moment. When I notice myself spinning in my head hurrying I stop, become mindful, mist Hustle & Sparkle and begin again with a spiritual perspective and an illuminated complexion. For Michiko and I the message in the bottle is ‘stay magical.’

My intention is that this aromatherapeutic mist brightens your spirit and inspires you to love yourself enough to Hustle & Sparkle. Say YES to living your best life!

Learn more about my journey and the meaning behind 333 here!

A big thank you to Thunderbolt Spiritual Books for helping us launch Hustle & Sparkle! We are grateful to have sold out! For now we are focusing on online sales and Hustle & Sparkle is available exclusively here on our website.


“Hustle & Sparkle is the fountain of youth.” Helen Fleder

“As a new mama when I use Hustle & Sparkle I feel refreshed and pampered! Sometimes just pausing to apply this amazing aromatherapy mist, it allows me to remember to take care of myself, so I can be an amazing mama to my little love! It’s so important to take care of ourselves to take the absolute best care of those we love!” Melissa Sue

“Hustle & Sparkle empowers me to flip flop back to the top.” Kathy D. Miller

“For me, it reminds me to use my 3Gs - feeling grounded, grateful and gorgeous and to slay the day!” Jill Mathews

“Your magic makes my magic. It’s a circle of magic.” Amy Fukuizumi

"Hustle & Sparkle puts the shine in my step. It makes me feel pretty and reminds me to step up my game to feel and look a little better." ~Jessica Scanlon

“For me the hustle is the rhythm (do) and the sparkle is the melody (be). And when they both come together as a harmonious blend it feels like jazz fusion.” ~Albert L. McKay

“I've been using my Hustle and Sparkle everyday and it really lifts my spirits!” Sara Hernandez

“I give myself a little spritz from time to time. It’s nice to spritz yourself during periods of transition. I.e. from work to home, even if you work from home as many do now a days, from prepping dinner to sitting down to enjoy, or from tucking in the kids to transitions to your own down time before bed. This is good self care stuff!” Tracy Taris

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