Melissa Scanlon


Founder | President


Love yourself. That is the message I want to share through Fleur 333. Essential oils are magical health elixirs that harness your body's healing power and raise your vibration. On the physical level your cells operate with increased energy and life force. On the mental/emotional level you experience more clarity and calm. Spiritually essential oils guide you home. 

As a little girl I would go to nature to escape the busyness of life. In nature I found peace, solace and connected with a force much greater than myself. The trees shared their wisdom, the flowers filled my world with dancing notes of fragrant bliss, the earth under my feet grounded my spirit, the ocean an energetic elixir for my soul. Breathing in the life around me infused every cell in my body with strength and vitality. In nature life was expansive; timeless and filled with magic. Essential oils carry in them the powerful life force of the plants they are extracted from. Through them I experience the same incredibly powerful healing energy I first experienced as a little girl. This strong connection to and deep reverence for Mother Nature only continues to grow.

I experience unparalleled healing through my (inner) beauty potions daily and am beyond words grateful for the opportunity to share these gifts with you. 

In Gratitude, 

Melissa Scanlon


Jessica McCann


Operations Manager

Jessica, born and raised on Long Island, relocated to Los Angeles in July of 2015 following her intuition that it was the right place and the right time. Shortly after her move she met her soulmate and had her first child. The lesson in this? Listen to your heart and choose what feels good. 

Before Fleur 333 was born, Jessica was a chronic acne sufferer who had tried everything, including accutane. She understands the effect that not being comfortable in your skin has on your self-esteem and self-image. She is a HUGE advocate for self-love and Fleur 333's high vibration beauty potions because she experienced firsthand a radical transformation in her skin and overall well-being. 

Jessica's message is that true beauty begins within. Self-love rituals are sacred moments set aside to nurture your divine nature so that you can step into the world looking and feeling your best every damn day.