Rose Toner

Rose Toner


Our Rose Toner is a magical vibration raising elixir for radiant beauty. Align with bliss as tension and stress dissolve. Inner beauty blossoms outward in an enchanting botanical aura. 

Infuse your skin cells with beauty enhancing botanicals; hydrate, soothe and nourish your complexion, encourage cell regeneration and even skin tone. 

Mist on skin after cleansing and as needed to refresh throughout the day. Gently shake before use. 
Handcrafted with rose hydrolate*, aloe vera*, rosa damascena + pelargonium graveolens (roses over geranium), lavandula angustifolia (lavender), rosa damascena (rose otto) + santalum album (sandalwood) | 100ml
*certified organic
All essential oils are therapeutic grade.

Tips for High Vibe Beauty:

Combine in your palm with The Oil (or oil of choice) and pat onto your skin for an extra moisture boost that will leave you dewy and glowing. 

Rose Toner is soothing for sensitive skin and skin prone to redness. 

Rose otto has one of the highest frequencies of measured oils and raises the vibration of every cell in your body. Rose otto opens the heart increasing the magnetic energy of love. It lifts the spirits and increases feelings of joy. It is soothing for sensitive skin, regenerates tissue, increases circulation, and treats sun damaged skin. 

Geranium increases circulation and promotes healthy skin tissue. 

Sandalwood revitalizes the skin and increases cell regeneration. 


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